For another canceled sequel of Super Mario 64's see Super Mario 128

Super Mario 64 2 was the tentative title for a Mario game in development that served as the direct sequel to Super Mario 64, intended for release in 1999. It was going to be for the Nintendo 64DD, but was canceled early in production due to lack of progress and the commercial failure of the 64DD add-on.

Plot and goal Edit

Though no plot has been found, it would've most likely be like the first game, but with new levels and Luigi.

Why it was cancelledEdit

The 64DD was a commercial failure, leading this game only a bit of progress before getting flushed down.

Result Edit

No game, but the closest will ever get is Super Mario 64 DS and Super Mario Galaxy, as they both have Luigi and the DS version has a multiplayer mode, and both have new levels.

Super Mario 64 2 Boxart

This is the only known photo of it, originally found in 2013, this was the beta boxart, though Nintendo didn't confirm, it was most likely to real to be fan-made.