Rayman 4 is an 3D platform game developed for Ubisoft by Phoenix Interactive Entertainment. Rayman 4 would have been the first game in the main Rayman series not to be developed by the Ubisoft Montpellier studio. The realesed date was scheduled to be in 2006. Rayman 4 was planned on PS2, PC, GameCube, Original Xbox and a newer 7th generation console.

The project had its beginnings in 2005, when concept art was created for various environments and characters. The story is largely unknown, but an early draft may have existed at this point. An unknown amount of programming, modelling, texturing and special effects creation was carried out during the pre-production of the game.

Most of what is known about Phoenix's Rayman 4 comes from early artwork, which has been leaked gradually in the years since the game's cancellation. It depicts much more surreal and colourful environments than those which were seen in early Rayman Raving Rabbids images and trailers; many of these Rayman 4 environments were 3D recreations of areas from the original Rayman.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

  1. It was going to be the 4th installment of Rayman Series

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Result Edit

The Game is sadly cancelled and Rayman Fans whould not see a new Rayman game until Rayman Origins.

However in October 2017, Michel Ancel has a plan to make Rayman 4 after Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Videos Edit

Rayman 4 - Unseen64

Rayman 4 - Unseen64

Concept Artwork Edit

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