Crash Bandicoot - unseen concept art! Alternative villain and game name! 08

Crash Bandicoot Worlds is a cancelled game by that was planned for the . In 2000, after partnership with  ended, Mark Cerny, the president of  (and former president of ), wanted to produce his own Crash Bandicoot video game for the PlayStation 2.

Under his direction, the game was to be a free-roaming 3D title with puzzle elements that would see  traveling between planets. Universal Interactive Studios had approached  as the development team behind the game. Traveller's Tales had produced a 3D rendered demo of Crash running through a volcanic level.

Universal and announced an agreement to have Konami publish a Crash Bandicoot game for the next-generation gaming systems, with Universal and Sony handling the production of the games. However, after Mark had a fallout with both Universal and Sony, the game was dropped. Traveller's Tales was then forced to design a new game with the classic formula from scratch and they were given only twelve months to do so. The game went on to become .

Had this game been released, it would have been the first Crash game to be on the PlayStation 2 and as an exclusive. No screenshots or artwork exists of the game and the idea of a free-roaming Crash title wasn't used until . Traveller's Tales went on to pitch Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex to Universal Interactive, which showed Crash running though a volcanic level that resembled .

Why it was Cancelled

  1. Mark Cerny Fallout with Universal Studios And Sony.
  2. The game was rejected.
  3. Universal And Konami Teamed Up.